Hola Spark AR, we got these 3 desired features on our Wishlist

To the awesome team at Spark AR, we love you all. Without a second thought, we believe that this F8 conference and the recent announcement of Instagram Filters has been one of the most revelating ones. Spark’s AR Mojo is here to stay and will only get better from here.

My notes from the recently organized Facebook iD8 event clearly indicate that the world of Spark AR Studio will now have more developers than ever joining the platform. It would mean more meaningful effects being created for not just businesses but of real value.

As Iffort is a digital agency focused towards AR among other things, here is what we would like to see on Spark AR from an agency point-of-view:

Target AR — Ability to add multiple target textures

Using Target tracking we can create effects that are triggered when the camera is pointed at an image in the real world such as a movie poster. Target tracking has real utility in sectors such as the retail industry for scenarios where a user is shopping and wants to learn more about a product or a set of products. It would be really interesting to have multiple target textures i.e. multiple images which will trigger a series of effects as you move your camera from one object to another object.

Check-out our concept video for rapidKL made using target tracking feature in Spark AR.

Support for External Textures & Forms

One of the common questions we hear when we speak to businesses and brands is how can we measure ROI. We had found the answer in ‘External Textures’ with which you can have external links including videos on your AR filters. That said, for some reason in the latest update of Spark AR, the support for externally linked textures has been disabled. It will be nice to have that back and along with the support to have small forms where users can share their basic information such as name/email (for instance filters supporting a cause or fan-movement). I know, I know, this would attract SPAM and would have questions on user’s privacy but hey we do have moderation of filters which means only relevant filters would be approved.

Consistency across Instagram and Facebook Filters

This is coming from a personal challenge while talking to clients and explaining to them the value proposition of Spark AR. Quite often, we have to tell them that this AR filter feature works on Facebook right now and doesn’t work on Instagram. I am sure this is already on the radar, but it would be really cool to have consistency in terms of the features working seamlessly across both platforms.

Giving a shout-out to Casie Millhouse-Singh Marc Wakefield ARDS Piotar Boa® for the features they’d like to see in the future updates.

To try out some of our filters, built on Spark AR you can visit here. If you are getting started in your Social AR journey, drop us a note and we will be happy to have a chat.

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